Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bed time chat

It was 10:30 pm Friday night..

We were 3 stories down and Arnav was not sleepy as yet..

Suddenly he asks .. "uska naam batao"..

"Kiska" I ask ..

Arnav “Jiski mummy hoti hai .. and jiski dadi hoti hai – uska kya naam hai?"

Am completely puzzled by the description and attempt....U mean 'Advik Ayaan' ?

Arnav “Arre main Dilli ki baat nahin kar raha hooon, main to TV ki baat kara raha hoon!!

Thats when I guessed – he was referring to the serial we see on weekdays that is story of a school going girl. I said “ u mean Ami "

Arnav replied “ yes Ami Joshipura “  J

Content with reply he snuggled and closed his eyes to sleep.

Posted by Jhanvi :)

Who is a Stranger?

It was bedtime .. I was chatting with Arnav and telling him that he should not accept anything from strangers....like chocolates or anything else to eat …. etc.

So the question was "who is a stranger?" 

Told Arnav that someone we do not know is a stranger - So Mummy, Papa, Dadi, Nanu, Nani are not strangers and he should take things only from them..

What followed was a detailed discussion on strangers J

Arnav's Query ….
My response
Do we know Tayaji?
Yes , we know him he’s not stranger
and Myra didi
Yes we do
and Advik
and other Advik
You mean Ayaan – yes we know him
and others
Yes we know Ruchi bua, Neha chichi, Choti dadi, dadu, and all others
and there are others (doosre) also
You mean Ritu bua ? Himshikha chachi, Gaurav chachu and others in Delhi ..we know them .. they are not strangers
He thinks for a while and says .. ok tell me someone whom we do not know !!

Posted by Jhanvi :)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Arnav at Juhu Beach

29 September, 2013 (Sunday)

Sunday morning at Juhu beach - building castle (see, Jhanvi has built a pretty nice castle with a boundary wall) and then picking up shells :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Arnav's Art

21 Sep, 2013 (Saturday)

Arnav put all the coasters on the table, neatly displayed (check the picture). Don't know what gave him this idea, but the spread looked interesting :)

Shortly, Arnav went for haircut and Sangeeta decided to put the coasters back in drawer. Puzzled (and upset) to see his art disappear, Arnav again put the coasters back on table...

Finally, the 'spread' stayed on the table for next 24 hrs....

Arnav gets a haircut

21 Sep, 2013 - Saturday

Arnav got his haircut today. 'touch wood' he did not cry this time, kept chatting with the barber :)

"Uncle, jab mein chota tha na, tab mein bahut rota tha. Ab mein big boy ho gaya hoon na, dekho mein ro raha hoon kya?"

"Aap mere baal thoda kaatna, doosre vaale uncle mere bahut baal kaatte the, to mein rota tha"

When the barber asked him to bend his head, "jab mein apna head neeche karna hoon, to neck par baal lag jaate hain"

Before and after pics below :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

The little explorer

These pics (offshore rig in the background) were clicked at Jhanvi's office during their Family Day..

Finally we got them now :)


Saturday, September 7, 2013

At Marine drive

Arnav at Marine drive (Sat, 7 Sep)

He loved roaming around in the sun - he was amazed to see so much water...."yahan juhu beach se bhi zyaada paani hai". Also saw a boat, he is pointing towards that

Saturday trip - Lunch at Status (Nariman Point), walk at Marine Drive, walk at Fort market, Babulnath mandir and then back home

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Balsatsang at Arnav's school (25 Aug, 2013)

Arnav dressed up like a 'punjabi'....and did 'bhangra' :) Gurneet was his partner. Pics and video below.

Theme of the function was Unity in Diversity...Proud to be Indian :)

Arnav in his class - PS B

Arnav on stage
Walking toward the car 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

New park 'discovery'

Arnav at a park near our home

Jhanvi 'discvered' this park. It belongs to a club, but is open to public in mornings and evenings.... really clean, well maintained, spick and span .... not may people are aware of this park, hence typically little crowd here :) 'touchwood'

Its our 'go-to park' these days :)

V Connect Family Day at Jhanvi's office (24 Aug)

Arnav at Jhanvi's office. He had a good time....got a tattoo of 'chotta bheem' and star on his arms, saw the magic show, made a paper painting and ran around the place :)

With so many kids around, Arnav was quite surprised....'mummy me office mein kitne bacche hain' :)

Medicine :)

Arnav does not like medicines (btw who likes?)

Jhanvi has found an interesting trick to get him have medicine (syrups).

.....All at home (Mummy, Me, Jhanvi, at times Sangeeta also) have to take medicine before Arnav does (we quietly put water in our medicine spoons and drink)

'Papa ne bhi medicine le li, dadi ne bhi medicine le li...ab mein medicine le loonga'

This trick has worked even for the bitter medicines.....till now

Wondering....should we try this trick for getting him to eat fruits, roti also!! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rakhi @ 20 Aug 2013

Myra's rakhi for Advik, Aayan and Arnav :)

This beads band is made by Myra

Jhanvi tied Rakhi to Arnav on behalf of Myra

Myra's Rakhi Card
Arnav loved Sai Baba ji rakhi

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bhai Log

Advik, Aayaan and Arnav (Haveli on Delhi-Chandigarh road, 17 Aug 2013)

.... yeh bhaichara, bane rahe hamara :)


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Arnav Selecting Puzzles

Arnav Loves playing with Jigsaw Puzzles.

Last weekend we were out shopping for some story books and Jigsaw puzzles for him.

We had selected a couple of puzzles (4 – 6 piece ones).


The attendant showed us a bigger puzzle with (8 – 12 pieces)

I said the puzzle is for older kids and it’s a bit complicated for him.


Arnav interrupted “Main to abhi big boy ban gaya hoon… App ko to pata hi nahin hai!!!

Mujhe who wala puzzle chahiye”






Play Area Trip

At a Birthday Party of A friend.. (Infinity - Play Area Trip)

July 2013