Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's in a name?

“Iska naam kya hai?” is a frequently heard line these days. Be it discovery channel (fishes, lions, etc. etc.) , or Zee TV, or Newspaper… Arnav wants to know how to address each person, animal, thing! (and he conveniently forgets also J)

The other day Arnav and Jhanvi were climbing stairs (for Nani’s house) and were counting the steps…. they reached 20…then he stopped, pointed at the stair and asked

Arnav - “Iska naam kya hai?”
Jhanvi – 21

Arnav - “Iska naam kya hai”
Jhanvi – 22

This continued till they reached the last step J

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Arnav and Myra

Arnav has learnt quite a few things from Myra during his recent interactions with her (in US and India)

Select being….

1. Gift – He loves gifts now and asks for them occasionally.…”papa mereko gift chahiye….chahiye chahiye chahiye”

2.  Stickers – He is crazy after stickers. First sentence I hear whenever I am back from office “Papa sticker chahiye”. Assumption being that I will always have stickers in my bag. Seema has done a fantastic job of getting a stockpile of stickers. We ration it out (1-2) daily. Arnav takes less than 5 min to paste all on the paper!!

More to continue…..

A new start

Testing the ‘email to blog’ feature. Plan to update the blog very regularly from now on :)


Our little Arnav is here :)

28 Dec, 2010
We got blessed with little Arnav at early morning hours on 28th.