Sunday, March 31, 2013

'aape aape'

Arnav says "ab mein big boy ho gaya hoon" and insists on doing things on his own...

"Aape aape" is short for "Apne aap"

1. Climbing up and getting down the stairs....aape aape
2. Picking up his shopping bags....aape aape
3. Getting down from Car....aape aape
4. Eating Chapati....aape aape (not that he eats!)
5. Drinking milk....aape aape (not that he drinks!)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holi Day

27 March 2013

Arnav had a great time playing water holi at his school (Greenfields) a day before. Holi day was a bit muted, Arnav was having little fever and cold!.

Plus it seemed that he liked the concept of playing with water but was quite upset with colors, didn't let anybody put any colors on him :)

Some pics from the day...
Arnav's Pichkari

I love my Pichkari

Serious talk :)

Color ++

Friday, March 15, 2013

Annual Day pictures :)

Arnav dressed as Mango :) for his Annual Day at school (March 8....check March 9 post)

Check out the pics....
Getting ready - at Home

Mummy giving some final touches - at School
'Yeahhhh..moment'...just after the performance

Watching another performance

Watching another performance

Talking to Mummy

Hey....what's in the Gift??

Its a book....yeah....reading time :)
PS: We hope you guys like the Mango placard.... I and Seema really worked on that :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Watching the Sea Link....

Clicked on March 10 2013.....

Horse Racing Day

Yesterday was horse racing day....We went to see professional racing at Mumbai Race Course.

First such trip for us and Arnav. Arnav was quite was good, green open lawns, horses and dressed up jockeys. "Mere ko horse ke pass jaana hai..."
It's fun but the races are quite short...2 to 4 min and you end up seeing horses from close quarters only once when they pass you....for a few moments. But they are grand!! We saw two races…

In the end Arnav was not ready to sit in the car and wanted to ride the horse.... But we managed to convince him that he has to drink lot of milk and grow up to sit on a horse :) Btw, we placed bet on horse no. 6. He didn't win, but came third J

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Arnav annual day :)

It was annual day at Arnav's school yesterday. Arnav dressed as a mango....yellow track suit with mango placard (i and seema prepared the placard with lot of thinking and arguments :)....

It was funny and quite cute....

The song was "hitana banana....fruits are good to eat". And if you ask Arnav "aap kya banein", he replies "mein mango bana hoon"

He has been wanting to eat mango since then :)

Pics and video will follow shortly....