Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Open house at Greenfields- 12 April 2013

First Open House for Arnav  – Greenfields..

It was open house at Arnav’s playschool .. Arnav’s first one .. so we were very excited…
Children welcomed all parents with a song “water- water – save every drop for my tomorrow..”  (see Arnav sitting in group in snap below)
Then we were handed report cards (and some art /craft pieces done by Arnav over past few months)

All teachers bade fond farewells to the kids….
Arnav played and roamed about .. (as he usually does) for the last time in the school and said goodbyes… (I don’t know if he understood that he would no longer be attending this playschool)
One teacher (Seema) who always asks Arnav for a kiss.. did this time as well...
His two teachers were very complimentary about his temperament.. and said he’s is such a cheerful child and is always smiling…And how he tries to participate in each and every activity, even though he’s amongst the youngest

Touch wood :)


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