Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Arnav Selecting Puzzles

Arnav Loves playing with Jigsaw Puzzles.

Last weekend we were out shopping for some story books and Jigsaw puzzles for him.

We had selected a couple of puzzles (4 – 6 piece ones).


The attendant showed us a bigger puzzle with (8 – 12 pieces)

I said the puzzle is for older kids and it’s a bit complicated for him.


Arnav interrupted “Main to abhi big boy ban gaya hoon… App ko to pata hi nahin hai!!!

Mujhe who wala puzzle chahiye”






Play Area Trip

At a Birthday Party of A friend.. (Infinity - Play Area Trip)

July 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Arnav's - First Open House

Arnav had his open house on 15 July 2013.

It was the first time he was taking me to his class.. (earlier visits have been more of just peeping inside when we go to drop him to school)
He proudly showed me the hanging pictures of house, smiley faces and fishes; the blocks he plays with…
There were two other children he told me their names, but insisted on sitting with me and did not go to play with them..
He showed me the big drawing about the rainy season that was put up on one of the walls..
(with snail, earthworm, peacock, clouds, rainbow and many things drawn on it )
That’s when realization dawned –about why he speaks so vividly about all these creatures feeling happy when it rains…

When our turn came, the teacher said that Arnav is a very cheerful child .. he participates in all class activity and that he really enjoys music....
When I asked him about how is he doing in class as he is one of the youngest in the batch..
She said a very nice thing.. “ All children are different and special .. no point comparing with other children….
All we can say that he is doing well and is able to express and interact well with teachers and other kids- that’s all that we want at this age”