Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bed time chat

It was 10:30 pm Friday night..

We were 3 stories down and Arnav was not sleepy as yet..

Suddenly he asks .. "uska naam batao"..

"Kiska" I ask ..

Arnav “Jiski mummy hoti hai .. and jiski dadi hoti hai – uska kya naam hai?"

Am completely puzzled by the description and attempt....U mean 'Advik Ayaan' ?

Arnav “Arre main Dilli ki baat nahin kar raha hooon, main to TV ki baat kara raha hoon!!

Thats when I guessed – he was referring to the serial we see on weekdays that is story of a school going girl. I said “ u mean Ami "

Arnav replied “ yes Ami Joshipura “  J

Content with reply he snuggled and closed his eyes to sleep.

Posted by Jhanvi :)

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