Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Who is a Stranger?

It was bedtime .. I was chatting with Arnav and telling him that he should not accept anything from strangers....like chocolates or anything else to eat …. etc.

So the question was "who is a stranger?" 

Told Arnav that someone we do not know is a stranger - So Mummy, Papa, Dadi, Nanu, Nani are not strangers and he should take things only from them..

What followed was a detailed discussion on strangers J

Arnav's Query ….
My response
Do we know Tayaji?
Yes , we know him he’s not stranger
and Myra didi
Yes we do
and Advik
and other Advik
You mean Ayaan – yes we know him
and others
Yes we know Ruchi bua, Neha chichi, Choti dadi, dadu, and all others
and there are others (doosre) also
You mean Ritu bua ? Himshikha chachi, Gaurav chachu and others in Delhi ..we know them .. they are not strangers
He thinks for a while and says .. ok tell me someone whom we do not know !!

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