Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Arnav's big Canvas


See Arnav having fun as he draws on a A0 size paper…


We drew mountains, sun, clouds, tree, house, birds and a river..

Once done he sat, stood and laid down on it J

When he sat on the river.. Nana told him.. “ Arre you will get wet!!”

Arnav Replied.. “Dekha main gila hi nahin hua.. yeah actual main thodi hai.. yeah to drawing hai..”




Arnav at a Temple


This is at Sanyas Ashram temple in Vile Parle.

He was excited to be walking though a lions mouth J




At Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple

With Papa at Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple ..


Am stuck .. Help Me



Jan 2014


Snail in Garden

Watching the slowest animal .. We were at a nearby Park post onset of monsoon ..


Arnav’s Poem-  

“ Barish jab aati hai to froggi aata hai.. Snail bhi dheere dheere chalti rahti hai “


June 2013


Fun with water

Enjoying the monsoon weather and having fun with water..


June 2013



Republic Day Race


Arnav at end of a race on Republic Day..

See the chocolate in his hand.. J


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tips to go to the moon

Yesterday post dinner,  Arnav and NItin were looking the stars n moon ….

Suddenly Arnav tells us, “Agar apko  moon pe jana hai to…

Aapko pehle Astronaut banana padega.. ,Phir spacesuit pehenena padega.. n then you can go to the moon in a ..”


“Rocket.. Spaceship” both of us prompted ….


Then he said “Agar aap wahan ball throw karoge ,.. woh neeche hi nahin aayega!!!

Some tips about gravity thrown in as well, so that we are prepared for the moon trip J